Hi, my name is Iris. I'm an allround creative and an advocate for slow living.

In 2020 I started Studio Milk and Oats, a ceramic studio based in Amersfoort. Born out of the aspiration to be more present and live a more mindful, authentic and fulfilling life, I try to create moments and objects that reconnect us to the essence; simple and honest.
With Studio Milk and Oats I aim to inspire you to do the same. At a time when we so easily get distracted from the things that matter the most, I want to offer you a moment of stillness. A moment in which you can just be you and fully take in everything that is already here.


I offer a selection of handmade ceramics through the webshop and at Het Lokaal. Want to experience the calming effect of clay? I also offer ceramics workshops in handbuilding and wheel throwing in Amersfoort. 


image by Oh Magnolia Stories